Changes In real Estate Business Due To Internet Technology

Long gone are the days we had to look for property from one area to another and limited to just comparing prices within a certain area yet, you could get the same house for a better price in a different area.

The demand for an online platform that gives listings all over Rwanda and information on real estate trends and news is what led to the growth of businesses such as Lamudi Rwanda.

This week I looked at some of the changes that technology has brought into the real estate business.

Searching for a home

Buyers would search for a broker and give them an idea of their ideal home. They would then move from one place to another trying to identify the homes of interest and then either went to the open house or called the house owner to make an appointment. Today, technology has made it easy for a buyer to hunt and for a seller to post their property with pictures, price range and Google maps online just by a click and at their own convenience and comfort; all of which tremendously help house hunting a much quicker process. Buyers look online first, pinpoint their perfect home and agents can send their buyers updates daily.

Agents’ Property Listing Profiles

Few years ago, agents would have to describe a property to someone over the phone or visit the property physically in order to make a sale. Today things are totally different and a lot easier. Agents can easily show their different properties using their profiles in property classifieds fitting their buyers’ criteria and invite them to view the properties and select the properties of their choice.


Most agents and developers had to rely to the traditional ways of marketing like newspapers, magazines, TV or radio to advertise their properties. While this is expensive and for some like the newspaper the property could only be seen on that day. Advertising online was a good solution as the property can reach a wide range of people even outside Rwanda interested in investing. Online is also a cheaper way to advertise for the agents and homeowners compared to the traditional ways.

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