Balbine Mutoni Returns

Armed With Her Strategy, Miss Rwanda Could Get Better

TEN months ago, I wrote an article to explain why Balbine Mutoni’s presentation at the Miss Rwanda 2015 finale was almost what people who follow the competition deserved. Unlike other contestants, as I tried to capture, she did not just explain her project but also how she relates to the ideas she was putting forward.

Calm and elegant, the 20-year-old who emerged as fourth runner-up presented her plan to raise ICT literacy among girls and women – and explained how she’s been involved in similar projects. She had experience working with people in the sector and she confidently seemed know who to work with and how to approach it.

What struck me was how she embraced a strategy that many contestants of beauty pageants in Rwanda have almost completely avoided over the years – focusing on making people understand why she can actually make it. I still believe those involved in judging, or the organisers, should dig deep. It’s not fair, at all, to simply look into the promises people make on stage; they have never worked whatsoever.

If no contestant brings better ideas, with same strategy, may Ms. Balbine win.

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