Weather Brief for 07/09/2016

Today’s weather situation was generally dry, mostly cloudy in the Western region, Kigali and North and partly cloudy in eastern and southern regions, in the morning hours, and mostly cloudy, with expected rain, in north-eastern part of the country. There were strong wings in most parts of the country in afternoon hours. West, East-North and central parts were more active during afternoon hours, which results of giving 35.8mm in Kawagire station in Kayonza, and 5.6mm Ntaruka station in Burera.

The highest maximum temperature recorded was 31.6 degree celsius in Bugesera district (Manage sector), in the Eastern province, and the lowest minimum temperature was 9.8 degree celsius in Nyabihu district (Bigogwe sector), in the Western province.

The strongest wind reported was 15kt in Nyagatare district.

Tomorrow’s weather activities are expected to be mostly cloudy, most parts of the country, in the morning, and cloudy in the afternoon, which will give a way to light rain with thunder in the northern and north-west part, and light rain in the eastern part of the country.

This brief is brought to you in collaboration with the Weather/Climate Services and Application Division of Rwanda Meteorology Agency.



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