It's not "news" — it's what's leading and what's coming.

The Kigalian is an independent-minded source of provocative ideas, stories, and profiles fit for the twenty-first century.

Every month, we publish content from writers and storytellers who look to the future.

We are a magazine that covers the intersection of education and media, policy and science, and culture and entertainment in order to feed the curiosity of "new audiences."

Since launching in early 2015, our stories have put accent on people, social media, politics, and innovation — all presented in the forms of blogs, commentary and opinion articles, as well as short-form creative nonfiction.

As of June 2021, the site attracts up to ten thousand readers every week.

Soon you'll be able to get more details via  the Brand page.

The Kigalian Café

Just like a normal conversation over coffee, The Kigalian Café is a weekly conversation featuring contributors and other personalities to discuss what's leading and what's coming in the world of culture, technology, arts, and science.

Catch our conversations every Sunday (at 9 p.m. Kigali time) by following The Kigalian club on Clubhouse.

The Kigalian Radio

The Kigalian's editors and contributors run podcasts that offer an overview of our coverage and host conversations that continue our search for meaning and explanation.

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SUBSTANCE by The Kigalian

SUBSTANCE is a monthly series of talks featuring thinkers and industry experts, designed to offer forward-looking perspectives in the realms of science, technology, business and finance, the arts, and culture.

Soon, you'll be able to get more details via the Talks' Page.

The Kigalian Festival

The Kigalian Festival is a two-day celebration of ideas and new perspectives through interviews, a mini-conference, workshops, and a night of entertainment.

It features Kigalian writers, editors, and guests.

Soon, you'll be able to get more details via the the Festival's Page.


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