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Welcome to The Kigalian company page, where you will find public information about our products and services

The Kigalian is a media and information services company with a mission to drive people to look ahead. Our brands are The Kigalian (magazine), The Kigalian Merch, The Kigalian Festival, and he The Kigalian Insights. We provide individuals and organisations with the expertise, insights, and perspective so they can make informed and bold decisions about life and the future.

The Kigalian is incorporated both in the Republic of Rwanda and as The Kigalian, Inc. in the state of Delaware in the United States.

Our consulting services include:

  1. Executive appraisal: strategy
  2. Copy editing and publishing
  3. Brand strategy development
  4. Communications and content strategy
  5. Media training and coaching

Should you wish to speak to our team regarding a possible collaboration, please contact us.

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