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Riding Into Twenty-seventeen

My in-country travel experiences last year, in the Congo-Nile trail and especially my trip to Nyagatare, inspired me to go look again and go to other places across the country. I promised myself to do a tour of the thousand-hills (not on a bike), look for stories and inspiration.

Going to Inganzo Arts Centre

Mr. Binamungu’s dream, and what Inganzo Arts Centre stands for, is unbeatable. I cannot wait to see what the arts centre—result of a seed planted five years ago—will bring to his life and its role in giving our visual artists a sense of direction.

The Artist In Cédric Mizero

Making Imagination Seem Too Obvious

At the age of 22, Cédric Mizero is doing what many young Rwandan artists hardly do today. Armed with what appears to be the commonly used materials in the past decade and a half or so, he is showcasing what imagination looks like. His work focuses on haute couture, fusing design skills and art to make “new, unique, beautiful, self-explanatory” garments.