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First things first, here is some quick advice: If you have some free time, try public speaking. The world — or at least your followers on social media — can benefit from some of the most useful motivational quotes you have come across recently. Inspiring those around you can be as simple as sharing the little things you have learned through your interactions with family, colleagues at work, and friends at social gatherings. If you have no particular taste in literature, read a novel that no one is talking about on social media (by no one we also mean none of those Western mainstream media outlets).

Attend a concert at the nearest arena and feel accomplished. Or learn the latest jargon that your favourite YouTubers or podcasters are using. Use these terms excessively and enthusiastically with your friends and colleagues, as well as in your day-to-day interactions. Explore new places, go on a trip with your friends, and make sure to communicate how much fun you had to anyone who asks. Above all, enjoy life as you please. Believe in magic. Share it and show it. Again and again and again and again; repeat; because, at the very least, it is important.

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