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Rwandan First Lady Jeannette Kagame joined Twitter on Monday, 10 August 2015, the day of her 53rd birthday. She signs up more than six years after her husband, President Paul Kagame, who signed up on 4 May 2009, at 7:16, according to data from Twitter.

In her first message, she thanks all those who took time to wish her a happy birthday: “Thankful to everyone of these kinds kind and warm birthday wishes!” the tweet says.

Thankful to everyone for these kind and warm birthday wishes!

— First Lady of Rwanda (@FirstLadyRwanda) August 10, 2015

Mrs. Jeannnette Kagame is the Founder and Chairperson of Imbuto Foundation, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the development of a healthy, educated and prosperous society.

Later on Tuesday, she sent an alert – that only the new account, and the one of Imbuto Foundation, are officially related to her.

Please note only @FirstLadyRwanda and @Imbuto are the official accounts related to H.E. Mrs. Jeannette Kagame.

— First Lady of Rwanda (@FirstLadyRwanda) August 11, 2015

The account is expected to tweet mostly about the work of he foundation and messages related to issues of girls, youth and women empowerment.

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