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I hope this message finds you in a moment of peace during the chaos that seems to envelop our world. It has been a while since I took a step back to focus on the basics, but recent events have drawn me back to share a few reflections with you.

The state of the world, as it stands, is nothing short of devastating. Trying to put into words the wars, the pain, and the sheer magnitude of suffering people are enduring feels like an impossible task. In the last few months, I have found myself grappling with just a couple of sentences, attempting to reconcile the harsh reality that the world is unravelling for countless people across the globe.

Last Sunday, on a pilgrimage to Kibeho, a sacred place where the Virgin Mary appeared to young girls in the 80s, the weight of the world's troubles pressed heavily on my heart. My prayer list, much like that of my friends, was a plea for peace in Palestine, relief in Congo, and solace in Sudan — the list seemed endless. Today, the news is a constant stream of tragedies, each story reduced to mere numbers — children, adults, and the elderly, all caught in the crossfire. It is a sobering thought: is this what growing up means? To become so acutely aware of the world's tragedies while navigating our struggles?

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