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Just like our motto (Looking Ahead) suggests, we never cease to look to the future. In case you did not notice — although we hope you have — no new stories have been published in the past few weeks. The reason is simple: we have been working to give The Kigalian a new look. And it has been going well.

Here comes a preview, in beta, of the new design for the magazine.

What pushed us to revise the user experience and re-structure the viewpoint is the need to create a more interactive interface for the reader. We wanted to make it easier for readers to go through the web and pick up what's interesting for them, much faster.

This site is faster now, easy to navigate. Everything is more seamless. And this is not just on the front-end. We have also migrated to a content management system (CMS) that makes it easier for Kigalian writers and editors to prepare articles for publication. The new version makes many aspects of our publishing process more friendly, and we are sure this will significantly contribute in turning this site into a better platform.

In the same process, we have also refined our logo and icon (we will share details as soon as we can).

We hope you like the re-design as much as we do.

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