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Our top authors

Gilbert Rwabigwi

Social innovator – writing about strategy, education, writing, criticism, and progress.

Brian Gatera

Staff writer and social media editor since 2016.

Parfait Mutimura

Finance columnist, former investment banker and hedge fund manager.

Christian Ituze

Freelance writer, writing about technology and society.

Amandine Manywa

Writer and multimedia artist and critic.

Gratia Bamurange

Gratia is a writer who is passionate about creative expression, music, and entertainment.

Israel Bimpe

Global Health Partnerships Lead at Zipline. Former President of the International Pharmaceutical Students' Federation.

Beatrice Mahoro

A lover of coffee, words, and illustrations, Beatrice reads the news over breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Jonathan Mizero

Researcher on state-building, web3 investor and analyst, old antique and archives collector.

Ntare Rwabugiri

Writer and technology enthusiast.

Nicky D. Uwase

Social entrepreneur and author.

Dolph Banza

Creative director and professional illustrator. Oh – and a science enthusiast.

Natasha Umutoni

Co-founder of Acacia Book Café and avid reader.

Lucy Mbabazi

Public policy enthusiast with particular interest in driving cashless for inclusive growth and social development.

Dioscore Shikama

Entrepreneur, tech evangelist, founder of Go, Ltd.

Natasha Nishimwe

Working to promote early literacy and children's right to read, Natasha is an avid reader, an amateur photographer.

Malik Lizinde

Designer and marketer, specialising in space and product.

Patrick Shyaka

I write essays and opinion pieces about art and society.

Florent M. Hirwa

Storyteller, writer, and learning essayist who used to be addicted to novels.

Gloria Iribagiza

Freelance journalist and writer interested in people and society.

Daniel Usim

Born and raised in Lagos, I'm a Nigerian currently interning with a Kigali-based publisher.

Clement Uwajeneza

Technology entrepreneur, blockchain and crypto-economy enthusiast, and director of Angela Kigali hub.

Cynthia Butare

Creative director and storyteller based in Kigali.

Lee Crawfurd

Policy Researcher. Former government advisor.

Barrett Nash

Co-founder and CEO of CanGo (formerly SafeMotos), first mover ride-hailing, on-demand in Kigali and Kinshasa.

Claude Migisha

Technologist and co-founder of Tumenye, a civic technology organisation.

Celèste Impundu

Celeste enjoys reading and writing about life, people, culture, art, music and fun. Loves coffee, with vanilla cookies, if you ask.

Hope Azeda

Founder and Director at Mashirika Performing Arts and Media Company.

Alice Uzanyinyana

Writer and storyteller.

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