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On sunny, hot weather, the best thing to have is a hot drink instead of a cold one. Think of those sunny afternoons of the dry season in Kigali, at the office, or at a meeting, when you still have files to go through or lots tasks to complete. It's usually uncomfortable – the feeling of laziness and low energy and many things combined. (One of those times our mind start hating on the sun.)

Even without diving into heavy science, the logic is quite simple: When you drink a hot drink, either a receptor on the tongue or the warm tummy – through a local nerve – sends a signal to brain, to let it know what's going on. The brain is told something like, "Hey buddy, it's really hot in here!" and, in turn, it activates a cooling mechanism. The sweating mechanism, as we know it, opens our skin pores through which heat evaporates. And the body cools down. We feel relaxed and the brain is relieved of the stress.

As a free tip, try black tea in small quantity. And, please, without sugar (it won't hurt).The result is a needed relaxation. It's like dessert after a heavy meal. It's like a snack eaten when the body starts feeling down.

The passion in me likes to talk about these things when I have to talk productivity at work or anywhere, really. The common perception about snacks and sweet foods is that they are bad for our bodies. It's only right to let the nutritionists discuss this with broad expertise although, I have learnt, some of these processes are personal in many ways. Our bodies can react to substances differently. What is important is to learn to balance and avoid excessive intake.

Alas, there are no shortage of sleepy heads in many office spaces in Kigali, particularly in the afternoons after the famous buffets. To re-sharpen the brain and reboot the body, many could use snacks or a hot, caffeinated drink. The challenge is to be cautious of the quantity (and quality) we intake and to be consistent.  The universe generally leaves this to our individual selves.

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