I’m joining the ninjas of Illume Creative Studio, and other Instagram enthusiasts, this afternoon for the fourth #InstaMeetKGL.

[A photo posted by C E D K A G I M B A N Y I (@kagced)](https://instagram.com/p/8nZxuCyWkA/) on

Instagram has grown big in Rwanda over the last two years, and it’s fun, really, to see what we’ve learned from this platform and how we interact with it – I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Here’s how Instagram defines InstaMeet:

An InstaMeet is a group of Instagrammers meeting up to take photos and videos together. That’s it! An InstaMeet can happen anywhere and be any size. They’re a great opportunity to share tips and tricks with other community members in your area, and an excuse to get out and explore someplace new!

See you; if you too are coming.

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