The Director-General of Rwanda’s National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS), Gen Karenzi Karake, 54, was arrested on Saturday in London, the BBC has reported.

According to the BBC, General Karake is held in custody, under a European Arrest Warrant issued by a Spanish judge in 2008, over charges of alleged war crimes committed after the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda.

As the news broke last night, Rwandans on Twitter did not hesitate to express their opinions regarding the arrest. Here are some of the tweets:

So, the UK has arrested a Rwandan General based on a indictment arguing that RPF's objective was to create a Tutsi Empire, with..US support!

— Olivier Nduhungirehe (@onduhungirehe) June 22, 2015

The UK should just give up already !!!! Nkt

— Fiona Mbabazi (@Fifilyn) June 22, 2015

And please, Spanish indictment is nothing less than manual in genocide denial. UK picked the wrong cause. As did the BBC. Oh, wait.

— Nathalie Munya (@nathmunya) June 22, 2015

The same document that states that the militias did not at any one point attack people in the Western part Rwanda. The UK has become a joke.

— Arnold Kwizera (@TherealKwizera) June 22, 2015

I believe this is the beginning of the end for the Spanish indictment against the whole #RDF leadership. Because people will now read it!

— Olivier Nduhungirehe (@onduhungirehe) June 22, 2015

Arresting KK on the basis of accusations of genocide is a mockery of #Rwanda 's history. #FreeKarenziKarake.

— David Kamanda (@KamandaDavid) June 22, 2015

If you think the trashed Bruguière indictment was crazy, read the insanity of the Spanish indictment. Better, see who's celebrating now

— Yolande Makolo (@YolandeMakolo) June 22, 2015

Thanks to #Weakleaks we now know what the Americans think of this genocidaires inspired Spanish indictment #Rwanda

— James A. Munyaneza (@JMunyaneza) June 22, 2015

When will all these western countries stop and realize that they are promoting genocide ideology? UK is turning a blind eye to truth #FreeKK

— BTushabe (@Boo_tsy) June 22, 2015

The arrest of KK is total and complete abuse of the European Warrant Arrest system. How do these European/Western arrests of Africans end??

— Diana Mpyisi (@curiousrwandan) June 23, 2015

I heard UK had vowed to retaliate against @BBCgahuza closure, and here it is. Big powers harrassment!

— Gilbert D. Rwabigwi (@Rwabigwi) June 22, 2015

@PGourevitch @JMunyaneza This is about the use of judiciary in so called democracies to maliciously undermine Africans! Crystal clear!

— Emile Rwamasirabo (@nkomati) June 22, 2015

Western solidarity in demeaning Africans is unacceptable!! It is an outrage to arrest #Rwanda-n official based on pro-genocidaires lunacy!

— Louise Mushikiwabo (@LMushikiwabo) June 23, 2015

The fight back by the West against the 3rd term has begun. This was just a timely reminder. Every action or inaction in politics has risk

— Rama Isibo (@ramaisibo) June 23, 2015

Check out the hashtags #FreeKK, #FreeKarake, #FreeKarenziKarake or #KarenziKarake on Twitter for more.

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