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I learned, not so long ago, that [your] history is what you know — not what was or is. And for some, it doesn’t even matter. But the best thing to do is to strive to be the best we can be and learn to respect life, cultivate healthy intellect and a deep sense of self-honesty, and always remember the future. History is told, written, read, conceived, right or wrong, accurate or the opposite. But truth — if not ‘objective truth’ — is what’s worth rallying behind and staying together means embracing what is good for all of us.

To remember as a nation is to bear in mind that evil has no form and that unity is the ultimate purpose. Twenty-four and we’re here again, honouring the victims of the genocide against the Tutsi and praying those who bear the scars heal. If we have won most of the battles, we certainly can – and shall – succeed and win this war.

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