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While it is sad what MTN is going through right now (I still can’t even understand why MTN keeps doing this to itself), I try to imagine how the telecommunications company would respond if the statement by Rwanda Utilities and Regulatory Authority (RURA) was sent in tweets.

Of course it would not be an easy task to break down the lengthy communiqué into a series of 140-character tweets. It would take perhaps between 15 and 20 tweets — or even more? Who knows!

But one thing is for sure: the tweet highlighting the amount of money MTN has been fined would be plain and clear. Something like this:

In accordance with the law, the Regulatory Board has decided to impose on @MTNRwanda an administrative fine of Rwf7,030,000,000.

A few minutes later, MTN, via its verified Twitter account, would then respond:

Hello @RURA_RWANDA Kindly DM us your issue for assistance.

Thank you

Not sure exactly where the conversations via Twitter DM would lead, but my best guess is that MTN would first ask RURA to “kindly share your mobile number for technical support.”


I have used MTN since I returned from the city of Manchester last year and I love it. I pray the company doesn’t get mad over this whole story with RURA and reactions from people. Oops… also, I am still laughing as I can’t get over some of the reactions people have posted on Facebook and Twitter. (I know, I know… I’ll share with you link to my accounts soon.)

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