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As a professional illustrator whose education background can be traced in a scientific field (I graduated in Electronics), I have always been fascinated by media and science. Since high school, I have worked on several projects that aimed to promote scientific literacy and knowledge, all passionate and driven by the urge to learn, learn, and learn, and share.

In the past year, however, I have been meaning to use my skills to create content that communicates my curiosities, my sense of awe, and my interest in knowledge. It is with this very urge that, early this year, my colleagues and I launched the InkStain Science to foster a community of science enthusiasts here in Kigali.

This time, I am pleased to introduce a cartoon concept that features a weekly series of stories about Homo-sapiens behaviour. With Homo-sapiens Tales, as I call it, I bring a scientific and philosophical perspective to analyse human society, with a touch of humour. I hope this can spark conversations about different topics that matter to our society.

I hope you enjoy them.


"Know Thyself"





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