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Almost a quarter century later, one would expect growth to have evolved from a personal to a universal level when it comes to valuing humanity. A second expectation would be that leaders would rid themselves of greed and irrational behaviour, as far as loss goes.

Perhaps that is too much to ask for.

What this is, though, is shame. An embarrassment to all of us. The inability to come to a balance; the notion that stepping down gracefully is worse than being humiliated in defeat.  Being comfortable with the idea that it is a nearly even occurrence that streams of blood run down the roads.

I am avoiding the idea that it has become a norm.

Have we not had enough lessons? Have we not lost countless lives for the other similar kinds of nonsense? I’ll say it again: it is an embarrassment. It’s a shame. There’s no room to joke about this, no matter how creative.

An old tradition and confusion I have never been able to understand, is treating uproar in moralities by a physical test where both morals and lives are lost at the end of the day. The very least we owe ourselves is staying alive for one. Is it possible for this rocket science—that is politics—to not lead to bloodshed and violence?

Failure to resolve our issues makes us vulnerable and paves a way for the ‘rest’ of the world to jump at the first chance to intervene. We let them choose and decide, on our behalf. To think that, after all these years, history would have made its point, that it would have taught us what the right thing to do is and then we could do it, we could be doing it.

I will proudly go ahead and quote my wise big brother:

It’s a big shame. African, you can’t be against Africa. We can’t be on the list of our enemies. […] I am afraid there won’t be any more [people like] Mandela, Sankara; not even Nyerere. The key weapon they left us is unity. How can you forget that fast?


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