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Online streaming service IGIHE TV has released a video that features a detailed interview with Babou-G. 
In the 18-minute video, he talks about who he is, what he does, his talents and goes on to explain some of the terms he used in the video that went viral a few months ago.

Here are key things we have learned from the interview:

  1. His real name is Emmanuel Nsabimana;
  2. He is 33, born and raised in Kayonza district;
  3. He is a mineworker and claims** he’s an artist;**
  4. He’s not happy with anyone who’s been commercializing his name, without seeking authorisation;
  5. He’s got a manager: Nickson Mihigo;
  6. He’s a Muslim, single and has no children;
  7. He says he sober during his original interview with Jean-Baptiste Nibishaka of TV10.

Watch the full interview in Kinyarwanda below:

Last month, rumours emerged that MTN had signed him as their brand ambassador, but the top telecommunications company denied the claims.

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