The Kigali Public Library has launched a new website as part of the first phase of the development of a user-friendly digital library with varied and relevant content that will allow the library to expand its reach. The website acts as a platform to access all library services online, according to a press release.

Users can search its entire catalogue of more than 2,000 books and journals, apply for a membership card, interact with librarians, or even enjoy a selection of recommended readings and videos. It also featured links to a range of free world-class inspirational and educational resources.

Getting a library card - Kigali Public Library
Membership categories and fees

KPL also plans to introduce an e-reader and a wide collection of e-books and audio books.

In line with the Government’s vision to build a knowledge-based economy, the Kigali Public Library hosts – and creates – programmes, workshops and events that foster literacy, creativity and innovation. The library project was initiated by Rotary Club of Kigali-Virunga and later developed and funded by the Government of Rwanda.

Young Writers' Club at the Kigali Public Library

Supported by the Ministry of Education, the library is managed by Innovation Village since the 1st of July 2015. The mission of Innovation Village is “to inspire, connect and equip storytellers, innovators and educators with tools for learning, growth and innovation.”

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