The trio of Urban Boys won the sixth annual edition of Primus Guma Guma Super Star (PGGSS) surely because all they did is what the competition is about—colourful roadshows, an enticed panel of judges and collecting as many SMS votes.

When the emcee announced the winner last weekend, on Saturday, 13 August 2016, before the fireworks begin, the name came as no surprise to many observers. Bruce Melody, Urban Boys and Christopher were on top of the list of dominants. And more precisely, the Urban Boys had more chance to win this—armed with their popular music, consistent releases, stylish appearance and the aggressive spirit.

On the other side, Bruce Melody, a rising star with tremendous talent and vibrant energy, was an important rival. Since his rise to the scenes in 2011, the twenty-four-year-old singer recorded hit-music and has been very active performing at different shows across Kigali and major cities in the country. He has, undeniably, performed better than most peers in the industry in the past year or so, which rapidly earned him a massive and diverse fanbase.

But Mr. Bruce needed more than just talent and zeal to be the champion. Where Urban Boys made sure they maximise the opportunity of the roadshows—investing in their performances to entertain crowds throughout the districts, mainly, and gathering votes—many other artists seemed weaker.

While Bruce Melody excelled in the world outside PGGSS, Urban Boys and Christopher of Kina Music poured their energies and available resources to make it right to the competition. And by rewarding them, the organisers remind us that PGGSS is what it is: seven roadshows and the grand finale, plus the public SMS votes—all overseen by a panel of three judges whose job is to mark rank performances at eighty percent.

Whether Bralirwa and the East African Promoters, who organise the show, are “promoting Rwanda’s music industry” or “giving enjoyment to the people” in the best way possible is another topic, but PGGSS is, really, a great initiative in itself.

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